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 Duties and Responsibilities:

Use knowledge of health information laws and regulations to make decisions about current and future medical records requests.

Use multiple EHR systems to access personal health information in search of requested information.

Work daily with sensitive personal health information. Carry out the transfer of health information across multiple platforms.

On occasion, travel to contracted hospitals or provider offices to complete requests for information.

Troubleshoot and problem solve as the need arises.


Answer call and emails regarding the status of requests.

Client Service Representative

Infostat is currently seeking qualified professionals for a Client Service Specialist to process medical records requests at a local facility.



Think you have OCD?  Attention to detail and a penchant for correctness and accuracy are qualities we are looking for! So if you prefer to eat your M&MS one color at a time, we are looking for you!


Do you have a smile tattooed across your face? DO NOT HAVE IT SURGICALLY REMOVED! We are looking for amicable and affable team members to interact with team members, requesters and patients!


Does your mom tell everyone she knows how smart you are? We are desperately in search of peeps with the ability to learn pertinent health information laws and regulations that govern our service; sharp cookies who can apply what we have taught them and crush it every day!


Like the flexibility and Zen of Yoga? We are searching for candidates open to learning new skills and personal growth. We want to set you up for future success.


Looking to climb the ladder? We recognize that good people are hard to find and even harder to keep, but we never stand in the way of someone’s desire to advance their career. We can help you in your efforts to advance through promotion, resume building and even tuition reimbursement and flexible scheduling.


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