Our Service

We offer:

Onsite and offsite ROI service

Trained and experienced ROI staff

Audit and Review Support ( RAC, CMS, MIC, MAC, HEDIS)

Policy and Procedures specific to our process, legal guidance for ambiguous or complex issues, all of which are guided by state and federal law.

Offsite call center to manage all calls

Account of disclosure

Secure electronic messaging

MU compliance (inlcuding immediate turn around for continuity of care and patient requests.)


One of the key benefits of our service is the redirection of calls from your office to ours. Often seen as a burden, questions and status calls are actually an opportunity for us to further solidify the bond between your patient and your facility. Continuity of care and the timeliness of disability benefits are two of the concerns patients have as they look to us for help. We have come to recognize the personal impact our release of information service has on the patients we serve. We approach each call with sensibility and compassion that resonates well with patients.

Our Best Practices and hard work get the job done. Our compassion and concern for those we serve sets us apart of everyone else.